4 Skill Videos Every Nursing Student Should Watch

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While hands-on experience is great for learning, some procedures should be observed first. If you aren’t able to shadow a fellow nurse within the field, watching a skill video on the internet is your next best option.

Here are some of our top recommended skill videos that every new nursing student needs to watch. These will help you to be successful and get you ahead of the game.

Making A Bed
One of the most important things for long-term hospital patients is to clean their sheets. Lying in their sweat and filth isn’t a healthy option for them. This can become difficult when the patient is strictly bedridden. A lot of online videos will show you tips and tricks using a dummy patient for the experience. They often break it down step by step so that you can quickly follow along.

Basic Assessment
Starting from the beginning, it’s essential to get down all of the necessary information that the doctors will need. This skill is specifically required to master as soon as possible. By completing a proper assessment, you can help to identify any immediate and concerning health problems quickly. It helps to sort out which patients need medical attention more urgently than others. Completing this assessment in a quick an efficient manner is a critical skill to have.

Inserting An IV
Many patients dread this experience, and anything with needles is one of the most common things complained about. This skill takes a lot of practice to perfect. It really helps to watch videos and see how other people choose IV insertion sites. Patients who are dehydrated or have small veins make for a challenging target. Sometimes odd places like the crook of the elbow and the hand need to be chosen.

Changing A Central Line Dressing
Learning how to complete a central line dressing change can be difficult. Especially when trying to remember all of the infection control practices. Keeping the line in place while you clean and apply new dressings to the site can seem overwhelming. As a nurse, it is your job to disinfect the surrounding skin of the central line properly. This skill can be practiced on yourself at home as you try to follow along with a video online. If you ever need a moment to catch up, pause the video or change the speed at which the video is played. Putting on captions is helpful as well.

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